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Preview Dominique Hammon's album "The Sweet Escape"

  1. Cherry Koke 0:44
  2. Elevate 0:44
  3. Fire Flies 0:44
  4. Funky Waves 0:45
  5. Groovy Air 0:44
  6. Moonlight 0:44
  7. No Strings Attached 0:44
  8. Pura Vida 0:44
  9. Soul Ties 0:44
  10. The Sweet Escape 0:44
  11. Transcend 0:44

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Calvin Harris x The Weeknd – Over Now (Dominique Hammons Violin Cover)

Dominique Hammons – Breathe

TLC – No Scrubs (Dominique Hammons Violin Cover)

Tamia – So Into You (Dominique Hammons Violin Cover)

Dominique Hammons PELICANS NBA Halftime Show & Choppa Style

Chris Brown ft. Drake – No Guidance (Dominique Hammons Violin Cover)

DaBaby – Rockstar ft. Roddy Ricch (Violin Valenti & Dominique Hammons Violin Cover)

The RISE featuring Dominique Hammons

BeyoncĂ© – Before I Let Go (Dominique Hammons Violin Cover)

Dominique Hammons Performing the US National anthem

Dominique Hammons, Violinist (WOW) Cover: We Are One) video produced by Jonathan S. Young

It All Started There

The audience classify him as a musical-masterpiece, handwritten by God; and the instrument of a classic violin into his hands to render melodies of sweet music that touches the soul!

Dominique Hammons is a young, energetic, Contemporary/Jazz Violinist who is a Houston native and started playing classical violin at the age of 8. He attended the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Houston where he was a
member of his school orchestra program for four years. After high school, Dominique attended the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, where he graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Performance with Jazz emphasis.

During the early part of middle and high school years, he performed for four years with the Houston Youth Symphony orchestra receiving high accolades for excellence. During that time, he also performed with other orchestra and chamber groups such as Virtuosi of Houston and TMEA Allstate orchestra. He was also chosen to study and perform with the Diaz Music Institute’s Youth Latin Jazz group, “Caliente”.

His God given talent has been recognized with many awards and among them, the Houston Symphony’s “Young Artist Competition”, where he won the opportunity to play a solo on stage with the Houston Symphony. He also competed and won medals and recognitions while participating in NAACP “Actso” competitions.

Since graduation, Dominique has gravitated teaching classical violin lessons to youth who desire to follow in his footsteps; and continues to perform in the Houston and surrounding cities as a solo artist. His popularity has risen in high demand to perform at many venues and performs various genres of music such as classical, pop, gospel, jazz, hip hop and R&B. His unique blend of music and style has granted him to perform across the nation such as Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, and Washington State,

* Selected to play the National Anthem during the pre-game show at the Houston Rockets game in November of 2018

* He was selected to audition for the ‘2019 America’s Got Talent’ competition

* Opening act for Johnathan Butler at the 2018 Martini Blue Jazz Festival. (which Dominique received a standing ovation of a crowd of 3,000)

* Headliner for City of College Park & 7Flavors of Smooth Jazz Festival, Atlanta, GA. Graced with a humbled spirit, very meek in mannerism, and a smile that will melt ice; however, upon his entry on stage, Dominique Hammons leaves you in awe of his musical talent and ability to charismatically bound your heart and eyes of unbelief!

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7Âș Artist Management & Development, LLC
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  1. Cherry Koke 0:44
  2. Elevate 0:44
  3. Fire Flies 0:44
  4. Funky Waves 0:45
  5. Groovy Air 0:44
  6. Moonlight 0:44
  7. No Strings Attached 0:44
  8. Pura Vida 0:44
  9. Soul Ties 0:44
  10. The Sweet Escape 0:44
  11. Transcend 0:44
  12. Breathe 0:44
  13. Destined 0:44
  14. Glory 0:44
  15. I Remember 0:44
  16. Nights 0:44
  17. Triumphant 0:44
  18. Ain't No Sunshine 0:44

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